Tequintavirus (taxid:187218)



Non-enveloped, head-tail structure. The capsid is about 90 nm in diameter, with a T=13 icosahedral symmetry . It is composed of 11 pentamers at the vertices and 120 hexamers on the faces. The tail is about 160 nm in length and 9 nm in width, with a subterminal disk and 3 long kinked fibers (120 nm). There is also a conical tip with a single straight central fiber (50 nm).


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 121 kb, containing about 160 genes.




  1. Adsorption: The phage attaches to target cell adhesion receptors through its tail fibers.
  2. Viral exolysin degrades host cell wall locally.
  3. Ejection by long flexible tail ejection system: viral DNA is injected in host cell cytoplasm.
  4. Transcription and translation of early genes.
  5. Replication of genomic DNA by DNA strand displacement replication.
  6. Transcription and translation of late genes
  7. Assembly of an empty procapsid and packaging of the genome.
  8. Viral tail fibers assembly and viral tail assembly.
  9. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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Escherichia phage T5 (Enterobacteria phage T5) reference strain

FEN_BPT5 Flap endonuclease (FEN) (EC 3.1.11.-) (5'-3' exonuclease) (Exodeoxyribonuclease) (EC
FIBL1_BPT5 Side tail fiber protein pb1 (STF-pb1) (EC 3.4.21.-) (LTF-pb1) (Tail protein pb1) [Cleaved into: ...
PRO_BPT5 Prohead protease (EC 3.4.21.-)
CAPSD_BPT5 Major capsid protein (Capsid protein pb8) (Major head protein) [Cleaved into: Scaffolding domain ...
TMP_BPT5 Tape measure protein pb2 precursor (TMP-pb2) (Pore-forming protein pb2) (Tail protein pb2) [Cleaved ...
DNMK_BPT5 Deoxynucleoside-5'-monophosphate kinase (EC
DPOL_BPT5 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
TERL_BPT5 Terminase, large subunit (DNA-packaging protein) [Includes: ATPase (EC 3.6.4.-); Endonuclease (EC ...
PORTL_BPT5 Portal protein (Capsid protein pb7)
DUT_BPT5 Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP pyrophosphatase)
HEL10_BPT5 Probable helicase D10 (EC 3.6.4.-) (Protein D10)
EXO2_BPT5 Probable exonuclease subunit 2 (EC 3.1.11.-) (D13)
RBP5_BPT5 Receptor-binding protein pb5 (RBP-pb5) (Tail protein pb5)
A2_BPT5 Protein A2
LLP_BPT5 Lytic conversion lipoprotein
DMP_BPT5 5'-deoxynucleotidase (EC (Deoxynucleoside-5'-monophosphatase) (5'-dNMPase) (Protein dmp)
DECO_BPT5 Decoration protein (Capsid protein pb10)
TTTP_BPT5 Tail tube terminator protein p142 (TrP-142) (Tail protein p142) (Tail-to-head joining protein p142) ...
TUBE_BPT5 Tail tube protein pb6 (TTP-pb6) (Major tail protein pb6) (MTP pb6) (Tail protein pb6)
DIT_BPT5 Distal tail protein pb9 (DTP-pb9) (Dit) (Tail protein pb9)
BPPB3_BPT5 Baseplate hub protein pb3 (BHP-pb3) (Tail protein pb3)
OBP_BPT5 Putative replication origin binding protein (D2 helicase)
THY_BPT5 Probable thymidylate synthase (EC
ENLYS_BPT5 L-alanyl-D-glutamate peptidase (EC 3.4.24.-) (Endolysin) (Lysozyme)
APNUC_BPT5 DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-) (AP endonuclease) ...
A1_BPT5 Protein A1
EXO1_BPT5 Probable exonuclease subunit 1 (EC 3.1.11.-) (D12)
SSDNA_BPT5 Probable ssDNA-binding protein (Protein D11)
ENDO1_BPT5 Putative endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-)
ENDON_BPT5 Nicking endonuclease (EC 3.1.21.-)
HCP_BPT5 Head completion protein (HCP) (p144)
COMPL_BPT5 Tail completion protein p143 (Tail protein p143)
BP140_BPT5 Baseplate tube protein p140 (p140) (Minor tail protein p140) (Tail protein p140)
ENDO2_BPT5 Putative endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-)
FIBC_BPT5 Straight fiber protein pb4 (pb4) (Tail protein pb4)
FRD_BPT5 Dihydrofolate reductase (EC
TFLIV_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflIV (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflIV) (HNH endonuclease ...
TFLI_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflI (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflI) (HNH endonuclease F-TflI)
TFLII_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflII (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflII) (HNH endonuclease ...
COLLR_BPT5 Collar protein p132 (p132) (Tail protein p132)
D14_BPT5 Protein D14
TERS_BPT5 Probable terminase, small subunit
D5_BPT5 Putative transcription factor D5

2 entries

Escherichia phage Bf23 (Enterobacteria phage BF23)

A2_BPBF2 Protein A2-A3
Y9KD_BPBF2 Uncharacterized 9.2 kDa protein