Cervidpoxvirus (taxid:573055)



Enveloped, brick-shaped , 300x270x200nm. The surface membrane displays surface tubules or surface filaments. Two distinct infectious virus particles exists: the intracellular mature virus (IMV) and the extracellular enveloped virus (EEV).


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 154kb. The linear genome is flanked by inverted terminal repeat (ITR) sequences which are covalently-closed at their extremities.





  1. Attachment of the viral proteins to host glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) mediates endocytosis of the virus into the host cell.
  2. Fusion with the plasma membrane to release the core into the host cytoplasm.
  3. Early phase: early genes are transcribed in the cytoplasm by viral RNA polymerase. Early expression begins at 30 minutes post-infection.
  4. Core is completely uncoated as early expression ends, viral genome is now free in the cytoplasm.
  5. Intermediate phase: Intermediate genes are expressed, triggering genomic DNA replication at approximately 100 minutes post-infection.
  6. Late phase: Late genes are expressed from 140 min to 48 hours post-infection, producing all structural proteins.
  7. Assembly of progeny virions starts in cytoplasmic viral factories, producing an spherical immature particle. This virus particle matures into brick-shaped intracellular mature virion (IMV).
  8. IMV virion can be released upon cell lysis, or can acquire a second double membrane from trans-Golgi and bud as external enveloped virion (EEV).

Host-virus interaction

Apoptosis modulation

Deerpox virus encodes an inhibitor of apoptosis DPV022 that regulates host Bak and Bax .

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Deerpox virus (strain Mule deer/United States/W-848-83/1983) (DPV) reference strain

PAP1_DPV83 Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC (Poly(A) polymerase large subunit) (PAP-L)
DPV22_DPV83 Apoptosis regulator DPV022

1 entry

Deerpox virus (strain W-1170-84) (DPV)

PAP1_DPV84 Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC (Poly(A) polymerase large subunit) (PAP-L)
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Deerpox virus (strain Mule deer/United States/W-848-83/1983) taxid:305674

Protein ModelArchive
25 kDa core protein OPG138 ma-jd-viral-61879
39kDa core protein OPG130 ma-jd-viral-60357
62 kDa protein (Rifampicin resistance protein) ma-jd-viral-18044
A(2,3)-sialyltransferase ma-jd-viral-10915
Alpha amanitin sensitivity protein ma-jd-viral-02612
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-26820
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-25530
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-25547
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-26196
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-26219
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-26243
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-44805
Ankyrin repeat protein ma-jd-viral-60586
Apoptosis regulator DPV022 ma-jd-viral-01715
Assembly protein G7 ma-jd-viral-34308
Beta hydroxy-steroid dehydrogenase ma-jd-viral-10526
C-type lectin-like protein ma-jd-viral-16413
CC chemokine receptor-like protein ma-jd-viral-18475
CC chemokine receptor-like protein ma-jd-viral-18477
Cap-specific mRNA (nucleoside-2'-O-)-methyltransferase (EC ma-jd-viral-22595
Concanavalin-like protein ma-jd-viral-06636
Core protein VP8 ma-jd-viral-55825
Crescent formation protein ma-jd-viral-47135
DNA ligase (EC ma-jd-viral-02890
DNA packaging protein OPG160 ma-jd-viral-10788
DNA polymerase processivity factor ma-jd-viral-54849
DNA topoisomerase (EC ma-jd-viral-17657
DNA-binding virion core protein ma-jd-viral-02069
DNA-binding virion protein ma-jd-viral-63886
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 18 kDa subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-07223
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 19 kDa subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-53646
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 30 kDa polypeptide (EC ma-jd-viral-41192
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 35 kDa subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-13916
DNA-directed RNA polymerase 7 kDa subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-66495
DNA-directed RNA polymerase subunit (EC ma-jd-viral-01537
Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (EC (dUTP... ma-jd-viral-04327
DsRNA binding PKR inhibitor ma-jd-viral-49135
EEV glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-63558
EEV host range protein ma-jd-viral-05888
EEV maturation protein ma-jd-viral-56882
EEV protein ma-jd-viral-16477
EIF2a-like PKR inhibitor ma-jd-viral-67091
ER-localized apoptosis regulator ma-jd-viral-04144
ER-localized apoptosis regulator ma-jd-viral-04148
Early protein OPG038 (Protein M2) ma-jd-viral-04100
Early transcription factor 70 kDa subunit (ATP-dependent helicase VETFS) ma-jd-viral-23094
Early transcription factor 82 kDa subunit (ETF large subunit) ma-jd-viral-40193
Endothelin ma-jd-viral-51180
Entry-fusion complex protein OPG086 ma-jd-viral-02206
FEN1-like nuclease ma-jd-viral-22451
Fe2OG dioxygenase domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-00447
Fusion protein ma-jd-viral-35842
Glutaredoxin-2 ma-jd-viral-24223
Holliday junction resolvase ma-jd-viral-29015
Host range factor p28 (E3 ubiquitin-protein ligase p28) ma-jd-viral-21636
Host range protein ma-jd-viral-07824
IEV morphogenesis protein ma-jd-viral-04667
IFN-a/b binding protein ma-jd-viral-13850
IL-1 receptor-like protein ma-jd-viral-58966
IL-18 binding protein ma-jd-viral-16503
IL-1R/TLR signaling inhibitor ma-jd-viral-13528
IMV envelope protein p35 ma-jd-viral-18647
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-00071
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-00105
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-35575
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-46263
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-51130
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-44670
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-43076
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-39135
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-66601
IMV membrane protein ma-jd-viral-56082
Ig domain OX-2-like protein ma-jd-viral-02255
Interleukin-1 receptor antagonist protein (IL1 inhibitor) ma-jd-viral-62068
Intermediate transcription factor 3 large subunit ma-jd-viral-00018
Intermediate transcription factor 3 small subunit (VITF-3 32 kDa subunit) (VITF-3 small... ma-jd-viral-47960
Internal virion protein ma-jd-viral-04838
Kelch-like protein ma-jd-viral-15708
Kelch-like protein ma-jd-viral-15712
Late transcription elongation factor OPG087 ma-jd-viral-65995
Late transcription factor 1 ma-jd-viral-21446
Late transcription factor VLTF-4 ma-jd-viral-43354
Leukocyte surface antigen CD47 (Integrin-associated protein) (Protein OPG166) ma-jd-viral-32417
MHC class I-like protein ma-jd-viral-54943
MHC class II presentation inhibitor ma-jd-viral-11887
MHC-like TNF binding protein ma-jd-viral-17688
Membrane protein ma-jd-viral-22167
Metalloendopeptidase (EC 3.4.24.-) ma-jd-viral-04447
MutT motif protein ma-jd-viral-07869
MutT motif protein ma-jd-viral-07981
Myristylated IMV envelope protein ma-jd-viral-04053
Myristylated membrane protein ma-jd-viral-22750
Myristylated protein ma-jd-viral-23591
NTPase ma-jd-viral-34239
Nucleoside triphosphatase I (EC (NPH-I) (Nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase... ma-jd-viral-23026
Palmitylated virion envelope protein ma-jd-viral-42880
Poly(A) polymerase catalytic subunit (EC (Poly(A) polymerase large subunit)... ma-jd-viral-36201
Protein E6 homolog ma-jd-viral-36822
Protein OPG061 ma-jd-viral-14929
Protein OPG067 (Protein E5) ma-jd-viral-35747
Protein OPG070 ma-jd-viral-64782
Protein OPG079 ma-jd-viral-12927
Protein OPG091 ma-jd-viral-06088
Protein OPG161 ma-jd-viral-03054
Protein OPG181 ma-jd-viral-09729
Pyrin domain-containing protein ma-jd-viral-51185
RNA helicase NPH-II (EC (Nucleoside triphosphatase II) (Nucleoside triphosphate phosphohydrolase... ma-jd-viral-58246
RNA polymerase-associated transcription-specificity factor RAP94 (Protein H4) (RPO-associated protein of 94... ma-jd-viral-63383
RhoA signalling inhibitor virus release protein ma-jd-viral-22100
Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase small chain (EC (Ribonucleotide reductase small... ma-jd-viral-05495
S-S bond formation pathway protein ma-jd-viral-04024
S-S bond formation pathway protein ma-jd-viral-57756
Serine/threonine protein kinase ma-jd-viral-24639
Serine/threonine-protein kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-24828
Serpin-like protein ma-jd-viral-02287
Serpin-like protein ma-jd-viral-02308
Serpin-like protein ma-jd-viral-02337
Serpin-like protein ma-jd-viral-02339
Soluble IFN-g receptor ma-jd-viral-00840
Sulfhydryl oxidase (EC ma-jd-viral-34798
Superoxide dismutase-like protein ma-jd-viral-65591
TGF-b1 ma-jd-viral-34460
Telomere-binding protein ma-jd-viral-63606
Thymidine kinase (EC ma-jd-viral-10725
Toll/IL-receptor-like protein ma-jd-viral-13530
Transcript termination protein A18 ma-jd-viral-22809
Tyrosine protein kinase-like protein ma-jd-viral-24780
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-02611
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-06627
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-13473
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-13474
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-13476
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-31424
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-31651
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-33669
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-34117
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-50627
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-51925
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-51930
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-45764
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-37108
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-38030
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-41138
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-56320
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-61378
Uncharacterized protein ma-jd-viral-54810
Uracil-DNA glycosylase ma-jd-viral-07796
Viral TNFR II-like protein ma-jd-viral-04160
Viral late gene transcription factor 2 (Trans-activator protein A1) ma-jd-viral-16056
Viral late gene transcription factor 3 ma-jd-viral-52628
Viral membrane formation protein ma-jd-viral-33151
Virion core protein ma-jd-viral-06330
Virion core protein 4b ma-jd-viral-62978
Virion core protein P4a ma-jd-viral-60218
Virion morphogenesis protein ma-jd-viral-03886
Virion protein ma-jd-viral-00570
Virion protein ma-jd-viral-01689
Virion protein ma-jd-viral-34506
Virion protein ma-jd-viral-52248
Virulence factor ma-jd-viral-50929
Virulence factor ma-jd-viral-39321
Virulence protein ma-jd-viral-04695
mRNA capping enzyme small subunit ma-jd-viral-09976
mRNA-capping enzyme catalytic subunit (EC (EC (Virus termination factor large subunit) (mRNA-capping enzyme 97 kDa subunit) (mRNA-capping enzyme large... ma-jd-viral-41051
protein-tyrosine-phosphatase (EC ma-jd-viral-06235