Inhibition of host tapasin by virus (kw:KW-1108)

Tapasin is a type I transmembrane protein essential for the optimal expression of stable MHC class I molecules on host cell surface. Its helps the MHC class I molecules to remain in a peptide receptive state, avoiding irresversible denaturation.

us3 e3-k19

HCMV encodes a protein termed US3 that directly binds and inhibits Tapasin. US3 is also a transmembrane protein and the interaction with host tapasin occurs through their endoplasmic reticulum domain. The E3-19K protein from adenovirus also inhibit the pathway, by preventing association of Tapasin with TAP.

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Early E3 18.5 kDa glycoprotein (E3-19K) (E3gp 19 kDa) (E19) (GP19K)

Human adenovirus C serotype 2 (HAdV-2) (Human adenovirus 2) reference strain
Human adenovirus B serotype 3 (HAdV-3) (Human adenovirus 3)

Early E3 18.5 kDa glycoprotein (E3-19K) (E3gp 19 kDa) (E19) (Early E3 19.2 kDa glycoprotein) (GP19K)

Human adenovirus C serotype 5 (HAdV-5) (Human adenovirus 5)
Human adenovirus C serotype 6 (HAdV-6) (Human adenovirus 6)
Human adenovirus B serotype 11 (strain BC34) (HAdV-11) (Human adenovirus 11A (strain BC34))
Human adenovirus B serotype 11 (strain Slobiski) (HAdV-11) (Human adenovirus 11P (strain Slobiski))
Human adenovirus B serotype 35 (HAdV-35) (Human adenovirus 35)