Non-enveloped, head-tail structure. The head is about 60 nm in diameter. The long tail is non-contractile and has 6 fibers although some siphoviruses have only 3 or 4. The capsid is icosahedral with a T=7 symmetry.


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 50 kb, containing about 70 genes.




  1. Adsorption: The phage attaches to target cell adhesion receptors through its tail fibers.
  2. Ejection of the viral DNA into host cell cytoplasm by long flexible tail ejection system.
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes.
  4. Replication of genomic DNA.
  5. Transcription and translation of late genes
  6. Assembly of an empty procapsid and packaging of the genome.
  7. Viral tail fiber assembly and viral tail assembly.
  8. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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84 entries

Mycobacterium phage L5 (Mycobacteriophage L5) reference strain

VG65_BPML5 Gene 65 protein (Gp65)
VG28_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp28
VG49_BPML5 Gene 49 protein (Gp49)
VG77_BPML5 Gene 77 protein (Gp77)
VG05_BPML5 Gene 5 protein (Gp5)
VG45_BPML5 Gene 45 protein (Gp45)
VG81_BPML5 Gene 81 protein (Gp81)
VG24_BPML5 Tail assembly protein Gp24 (Gene product 24) (Gp24) (Minor tail protein Gp24)
VG51_BPML5 Gene 51 protein (Gp51)
VG76_BPML5 Gene 76 protein (Gp76)
VG70_BPML5 Gene 70 protein (Gp70)
VINT_BPML5 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VG22_BPML5 Gene 22 protein (Gp22)
VG68_BPML5 Gene 68 protein (Gp68)
VG67_BPML5 Gene 67 protein (Gp67)
VG75_BPML5 Gene 75 protein (Gp75)
VG57_BPML5 Gene 57 protein (Gp57)
VG79_BPML5 Gene 79 protein (Gp79)
VG84_BPML5 Gene 84 protein (Gp84)
VG64_BPML5 Gene 64 protein (Gp64)
VG19_BPML5 Gene 19 protein (Gp19)
VG18_BPML5 Gene 18 protein (Gp18)
VG80_BPML5 Gene 80 protein (Gp80)
VG88_BPML5 Gene 88 protein (Gp88)
VG73_BPML5 Gene 73 protein (Gp73)
VG66_BPML5 Gene 66 protein (Gp66)
VG23_BPML5 Major tail protein Gp23 (Major coat protein)
VG21_BPML5 Gene 21 protein (Gp21)
VG04_BPML5 Gene 4 protein (Gp4)
VG32_BPML5 Gene 32 protein (Gp32)
VG29_BPML5 Gene 29 protein (Gp29)
VG46_BPML5 Gene 46 protein (Gp46)
VG42_BPML5 Gene 42 protein (Gp42)
VG15_BPML5 Gene 15 protein (Gp15)
VG06_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp6
VG61_BPML5 Gene 61 protein (Gp61)
VG82_BPML5 Gene 82 protein (Gp82)
SCAF_BPML5 Probable capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 22) (gp22) (Head morphogenesis protein) ...
VG03_BPML5 Gene 3 protein (Gp3)
VG78_BPML5 Gene 78 protein (Gp78)
VG87_BPML5 Gene 87 protein (Gp87)
VG71_BPML5 Repressor-like immunity protein (Gp71)
THYX_BPML5 Probable flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate ...
LYSB_BPML5 Endolysin B (Gene 12 protein) (Gp12) (Mycolylarabinogalactan esterase) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VG02_BPML5 Gene 2 protein (Gp2)
VG35_BPML5 Gene 35 protein (Gp35)
VG39_BPML5 Gene 39 protein (Gp39)
VG60_BPML5 Gene 60 protein (Gp60)
VG58_BPML5 Gene 58 protein (Gp58)
VG40_BPML5 Gene 40 protein (Gp40)
VG47_BPML5 Gene 47 protein (Gp47)
VG85_BPML5 Gene 85 protein (Gp85)
PORTL_BPML5 Portal protein (Gene product 14) (gp14) (Portal vertex protein)
VG26_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp26
VG69_BPML5 Gene 69 protein (Gp69)
TAP25_BPML5 Tail assembly protein Gp25 (Gene 25 protein) (Gp25)
VG56_BPML5 Gene 56 protein (Gp56)
VG53_BPML5 Gene 53 protein (Gp53)
VG20_BPML5 Gene 20 protein (Gp20)
VG27_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp27
VG41_BPML5 Gene 41 protein (Gp41)
VG62_BPML5 Gene 62 protein (Gp62)
VXIS_BPML5 Excisionase (Gene product 36) (Gp36)
VG50_BPML5 Putative adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (EC (Gp50)
VG83_BPML5 Gene 83 protein (Gp83)
VG59_BPML5 Gene 59 protein (Gp59)
VG43_BPML5 Gene 43 protein (Gp43)
VG63_BPML5 Gene 63 protein (Gp63)
VG13_BPML5 Gene 13 protein (Gp13)
VG54_BPML5 Gene 54 protein (Gp54)
VG52_BPML5 Gene 52 protein (Gp52)
VG01_BPML5 Gene 1 protein (Gp1)
VG30_BPML5 Gene 30 protein (Gp30)
VG31_BPML5 Gene 31 protein (Gp31)
VG37_BPML5 Gene 37 protein (Gp37)
VG72_BPML5 Gene 72 protein (Gp72)
VG55_BPML5 Gene 55 protein (Gp55)
VG38_BPML5 Gene 38 protein (Gp38)
VG74_BPML5 Gene 74 protein (Gp74)
VG86_BPML5 Gene 86 protein (Gp86)
HOLIN_BPML5 Holin (Gene product 11) (gp11)
CAPSD_BPML5 Probable major capsid protein gp17 (Gene product 17) (gp17) (Major head protein gp17)
DPOL_BPML5 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
ENLYS_BPML5 Endolysin A (EC 3.-.-.-) (Gene 10 protein) (Gp10) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme)

67 entries

Mycobacterium phage D29 (Mycobacteriophage D29) reference strain

VG04_BPMD2 Gene 4 protein (Gp4)
VG65_BPMD2 Gene 65 protein (Gp65)
VG56_BPMD2 Gene 56 protein (Gp56)
VG22_BPMD2 Gene 22 protein (Gp22)
VG51_BPMD2 Gene 51 protein (Gp51)
VG24_BPMD2 Tail assembly protein Gp24 (Gene product 24) (Gp24) (Minor tail protein Gp24)
VG18_BPMD2 Gene 18 protein (Gp18)
VG32_BPMD2 Gene 32 protein (Gp32)
VG57_BPMD2 Gene 57 protein (Gp57)
VG441_BPMD2 Gene 44.1 protein (Gp44.1)
VG86_BPMD2 Gene 86 protein (Gp86)
VG42_BPMD2 Gene 42 protein (Gp42)
VG31_BPMD2 Gene 31 protein (Gp31)
VG06_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp6
VG53_BPMD2 Gene 53 protein (Gp53)
VG49_BPMD2 Gene 49 protein (Gp49)
VG20_BPMD2 Gene 20 protein (Gp20)
VG39_BPMD2 Gene 39 protein (Gp39)
VG84_BPMD2 Gene 84 protein (Gp84)
VG66_BPMD2 Gene 66 protein (Gp66)
VG89_BPMD2 Gene 89 protein (Gp89)
VG15_BPMD2 Gene 15 protein (Gp15)
VG64_BPMD2 Gene 64 protein (Gp64)
VG68_BPMD2 Gene 68 protein (Gp68)
VG05_BPMD2 Gene 5 protein (Gp5)
VG69_BPMD2 Gene 69 protein (Gp69)
VG19_BPMD2 Gene 19 protein (Gp19)
VG30_BPMD2 Gene 30 protein (Gp30)
VG54_BPMD2 Gene 54 protein (Gp54)
TAP25_BPMD2 Tail assembly protein Gp25 (Gene 25 protein) (Gp25)
THYX_BPMD2 Probable flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate ...
PORTL_BPMD2 Portal protein (Gene product 14) (gp14) (Portal vertex protein)
VG26_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp26
VG29_BPMD2 Gene 29 protein (Gp29)
VG58_BPMD2 Gene 58 protein (Gp58)
VG52_BPMD2 Gene 52 protein (Gp52)
VG59_BPMD2 Gene 59 protein (Gp59)
VG21_BPMD2 Gene 21 protein (Gp21)
VG55_BPMD2 Gene 55 protein (Gp55)
VG46_BPMD2 Gene 46 protein (Gp46)
VG70_BPMD2 Gene 70 protein (Gp70)
VG28_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp28
VG38_BPMD2 Gene 38 protein (Gp38)
VG02_BPMD2 Gene 2 protein (Gp2)
VG62_BPMD2 Gene 62 protein (Gp62)
VG03_BPMD2 Gene 3 protein (Gp3)
VG27_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp27
VG50_BPMD2 Putative adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (EC (Gp50)
VG88_BPMD2 Gene 88 protein (Gp88)
VINT_BPMD2 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VXIS_BPMD2 Excisionase (Gp36)
VG13_BPMD2 Gene 13 protein (Gp13)
VG23_BPMD2 Major tail protein Gp23 (Major coat protein)
VG41_BPMD2 Gene 41 protein (Gp41)
VG01_BPMD2 Gene 1 protein (Gp1)
VG341_BPMD2 Gene 34.1 protein (Gp34.1)
SCAF_BPMD2 Probable capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 16) (gp16) (Head morphogenesis protein) ...
VG61_BPMD2 Gene 61 protein (Gp61)
VG87_BPMD2 Gene 87 protein (Gp87)
VG63_BPMD2 Gene 63 protein (Gp63)
HOLIN_BPMD2 Holin (Gene product 11) (gp11)
PRXH_BPMD2 Putative non-heme haloperoxidase (EC 1.11.1.-)
CAPSD_BPMD2 Probable major capsid protein gp17 (Gene product 17) (gp17) (Major head protein gp17)
LYSB_BPMD2 Endolysin B (Gene 12 protein) (Gp12) (Mycolylarabinogalactan esterase) (EC 3.1.-.-)
DCTD_BPMD2 Deoxycytidylate deaminase (EC (dCMP deaminase)
DPOL_BPMD2 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
ENLYS_BPMD2 Endolysin A (EC 3.-.-.-) (Gene 10 protein) (Gp10) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme)

61 entries

Escherichia phage lambda (Bacteriophage lambda) reference strain

VREN_LAMBD Protein ren
VBET_LAMBD Recombination protein bet
Y290_LAMBD Uncharacterized nin region protein ORF290
FIBER_LAMBD Tail fiber protein (stf) (Gene product 27) (gp27)
FII_LAMBD Head-tail connector protein FII (Head-tail joining protein) (Minor capsid protein FII)
DECO_LAMBD Capsid decoration protein (Auxiliary protein D) (Gene product D) (gpD) (Major capsid protein D)
FI_LAMBD DNA-packaging protein FI
TFA_LAMBD Tail fiber assembly protein
Y64_LAMBD Putative uncharacterized protein ORF64
VRPP_LAMBD Replication protein P
VINT_LAMBD Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
RAL_LAMBD Restriction inhibitor protein ral (Antirestriction protein)
TMP_LAMBD Tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product H) (gpH) (Minor tail protein H) [Cleaved into: Entry ...
REXA_LAMBD Protein rexA
TIPM_LAMBD Tail tip protein M
SPAN2_LAMBD Spanin, outer lipoprotein subunit (o-spanin) (Lysis protein Rz1) (Outer membrane lipoprotein Rz1)
REXB_LAMBD Protein rexB
REGQ_LAMBD Antitermination protein Q
TIPJ_LAMBD Tip attachment protein J (Central tail fiber) (Host specificity protein J)
SIEB_LAMBD Superinfection exclusion protein B
RPC3_LAMBD Protease inhibitor III
NIND_LAMBD Protein ninD
RPC1_LAMBD Repressor protein cI
RCRO_LAMBD Regulatory protein cro
PORTL_LAMBD Portal protein B (GpB) (Minor capsid protein B) [Cleaved into: Protein B*]
REGN_LAMBD Antitermination protein N (Regulatory protein N) (PN)
RPC2_LAMBD Transcriptional activator II
PP_LAMBD Serine/threonine-protein phosphatase (EC
G_LAMBD Tail assembly protein G (Gene product G) (gpG) (Minor tail protein G) (Tail assembly chaperone) ...
TIPI_LAMBD Tail tip assembly protein I
TIPL_LAMBD Tail tip protein L
TERS_LAMBD Terminase small subunit (EC 3.6.4.-) (DNA-packaging protein Nu1) (Gene product Nu1) (gpNu1)
SPAN1_LAMBD Spanin, inner membrane subunit (i-spanin) (Lysis protein Rz)
TUBE_LAMBD Tail tube protein (TTP) (Gene product V) (gpV) (Major tail protein V)
VKIL_LAMBD Protein kil
VXIS_LAMBD Excisionase
TIPK_LAMBD Tail tip assembly protein K (Probable endopeptidase) (EC 3.4.-.-) (Tail assembly protein K)
TERL_LAMBD Terminase, large subunit (DNA-packaging protein A) (Large terminase protein) (gpA) [Includes: ...
SCAF_LAMBD Capsid assembly protease C (EC 3.4.21.-) (Gene product C) (GPC) (Minor capsid protein C)
VLOM_LAMBD Outer membrane protein lom (ORF 206A)
VRPO_LAMBD Replication protein O
TTTP_LAMBD Tail tube terminator protein (TrP) (Gene product U) (gpU) (Minor tail protein U) (Tail ...
GT_LAMBD Tail assembly protein GT (Gene product 15) (gp15) (Gene product GT) (gpGT) (Minor tail protein GT)
NINE_LAMBD Protein ninE (Nin60)
NINB_LAMBD Protein ninB
NINH_LAMBD Protein ninH
NING_LAMBD Protein ninG
HOLIN_LAMBD Antiholin (Lysis inhibitor S-107)
NINF_LAMBD Protein ninF
EXO_LAMBD Exonuclease (EC
EA59_LAMBD Protein ea59
COMPL_LAMBD Tail completion protein Z (Gene product Z) (GpZ) (Minor tail protein Z) (Tail terminator protein)
EA22_LAMBD Protein ea22
ENLYS_LAMBD Endolysin (EC 4.2.2.n2) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Transglycosylase)
EA85_LAMBD Protein ea8.5
GAM_LAMBD Host-nuclease inhibitor protein gam
EA47_LAMBD Protein ea47
EA31_LAMBD Protein ea31
HCP_LAMBD Head completion protein (HCP) (Head-tail joining protein W) (gpW)
CAPSD_LAMBD Major capsid protein (Gene product E) (gpE) (Major head protein)
EA10_LAMBD Protein ea10

43 entries

Escherichia phage T5 (Enterobacteria phage T5) reference strain

PORTL_BPT5 Portal protein (Capsid protein pb7)
FIBC_BPT5 Probable central straight fiber (Tail protein pb4)
FIBL1_BPT5 L-shaped tail fiber protein pb1 (LTF) (EC 3.4.21.-) (Tail protein pb1)
FIBL2_BPT5 L-shaped tail fiber protein p132
DECO_BPT5 Decoration protein (Capsid protein pb10)
A1_BPT5 Protein A1
TFLI_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflI (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflI) (HNH endonuclease F-TflI)
TMP_BPT5 Probable tape measure protein (Tail protein pb2)
DPOL_BPT5 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
TFLIV_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflIV (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflIV) (HNH endonuclease ...
TFLII_BPT5 H-N-H endonuclease F-TflII (EC 3.1.21.-) (HNH endodeoxyribonuclease F-TflII) (HNH endonuclease ...
SSDNA_BPT5 Probable ssDNA-binding protein (Protein D11)
RBP5_BPT5 Receptor-binding protein (RBP) (Tail protein pb5)
TAIL1_BPT5 Minor tail protein (Tail protein p140)
COMPL_BPT5 Tail completion protein (Tail protein p143)
HCP_BPT5 Head completion protein (HCP) (p144)
THY_BPT5 Probable thymidylate synthase (EC
TUBE_BPT5 Tail tube protein (TTP) (Tail protein pb6)
LLP_BPT5 Lytic conversion lipoprotein
TERL_BPT5 Terminase, large subunit (EC 3.1.22.-) (DNA-packaging protein)
TERS_BPT5 Probable terminase, small subunit
TTTP_BPT5 Tail tube terminator protein (TrP) (Tail protein p142) (Tail-to-head joining protein) (THJP)
OBP_BPT5 Putative replication origin binding protein (D2 helicase)
PRO_BPT5 Prohead protease (EC 3.4.21.-)
HEL10_BPT5 Probable helicase D10 (EC 3.6.4.-) (Protein D10)
DNMK_BPT5 Deoxynucleoside-5'-monophosphate kinase (EC
DIT_BPT5 Distal tail protein (Dit) (Tail protein pb9)
ENDO1_BPT5 Putative endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-)
D5_BPT5 Putative transcription factor D5
ENDON_BPT5 Nicking endonuclease (EC 3.1.21.-)
EXO2_BPT5 Probable exonuclease subunit 2 (EC 3.1.11.-) (D13)
BPPB3_BPT5 Probable baseplate hub protein (BHP) (Tail protein pb3)
DUT_BPT5 Deoxyuridine 5'-triphosphate nucleotidohydrolase (dUTPase) (EC (dUTP pyrophosphatase)
D14_BPT5 Protein D14
ENLYS_BPT5 L-alanyl-D-glutamate peptidase (EC 3.4.24.-) (Endolysin) (Lysozyme)
DMP_BPT5 5'-deoxynucleotidase (EC (Deoxynucleoside-5'-monophosphatase) (5'-dNMPase) (Protein dmp)
CAPSD_BPT5 Major capsid protein (Capsid protein pb8) (Major head protein) [Cleaved into: Scaffolding domain ...
FRD_BPT5 Dihydrofolate reductase (EC
A2_BPT5 Protein A2
EXO1_BPT5 Probable exonuclease subunit 1 (EC 3.1.11.-) (D12)
ENDO2_BPT5 Putative endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-)
FEN_BPT5 Flap endonuclease (FEN) (EC 3.1.11.-) (5'-3' exonuclease) (Exodeoxyribonuclease) (EC

24 entries

Bacillus phage SPbeta (Bacillus phage SPBc2) (Bacteriophage SP-beta) reference strain

YORK_BPSPB Putative single-strand DNA-specific exonuclease yorK (EC 3.1.-.-)
YOQW_BPSPB SOS response-associated protein yoqW (EC 3.4.-.-)
YOSX_BPSPB Uncharacterized protein yosX
BDBB_BPSPB Disulfide bond formation protein B (Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase B) (Disulfide oxidoreductase B)
BDBA_BPSPB Disulfide bond formation protein A (Disulfide oxidoreductase A) (Thiol-disulfide oxidoreductase A)
BHLB_BPSPB Protein bhlB
TMP_BPSPB Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Transglycosylase) (EC 4.2.2.n1)
SUNS_BPSPB Glycosyltransferase SunS (EC 2.4.1.-)
SUNA_BPSPB Bacteriocin sublancin-168
SUNT_BPSPB Sublancin-168-processing and transport ATP-binding protein sunT (EC 3.4.22.-) (EC 7.-.-.-)
SCP1_BPSPB Stress response protein SCP1
NRDEB_BPSPB Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase nrdEB subunit alpha (EC (Ribonucleotide reductase ...
NRDIB_BPSPB Phage protein nrdI (BnrdI)
SUNI_BPSPB Sublancin immunity protein sunI
YONO_BPSPB DNA-directed RNA polymerase YonO (EC (DNA-dependent RNA polymerase YonO)
YOSQ_BPSPB Putative HNH homing endonuclease yosQ (EC 3.1.-.-)
YOPN_BPSPB Uncharacterized protein yopN
DBH2_BPSPB DNA-binding protein HU 2
AIMP_BPSPB Protein AimP (YopL protein) [Cleaved into: Arbitrium peptide]
AIMR_BPSPB AimR transcriptional regulator (Arbitrium communication peptide receptor) (YopK protein)
BHLA_BPSPB Protein bhlA
DPOL_BPSPB DNA-directed DNA polymerase (EC
53DR_BPSPB 5'(3')-deoxyribonucleotidase (EC 3.1.3.-)
BNRDF_BPSPB Ribonucleoside-diphosphate reductase subunit beta (EC (Ribonucleotide reductase small ...

20 entries

Bacillus phage SPP1 (Bacteriophage SPP1) reference strain

TERS_BPSPP Terminase small subunit (G1P) (Terminase, small subunit gp1)
YOR3_BPSPP Uncharacterized 8.5 kDa protein in GP2-GP6 intergenic region (ORF 3)
FIBER_BPSPP Tail spike protein (TSP) (Gene product 21) (Gp21)
SCAF_BPSPP Capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 11) (Gp11) (Head morphogenesis protein) (Scaffold ...
TMP_BPSPP Tail tape measure protein gp18 (Gene product 18) (gp18)
TUBE_BPSPP Tail tube protein gp17.1* (TTP) (Gene product 17.1) (gp17.1) (Major tail protein) (MTP)
HCP16_BPSPP Head completion protein gp16 (Connector protein gp16) (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Stopper protein ...
HCP15_BPSPP Head completion protein gp15 (HCP) (Connector protein gp15) (Gene product 15) (Gp15)
TERL_BPSPP Terminase, large subunit gp2 (EC 3.1.-.-) (DNA-packaging protein G2P) (Gene product 2) (gp2)
PORTL_BPSPP Portal protein (Gene product 6) (gp6) (Portal vertex protein)
YOR4_BPSPP Uncharacterized 10.2 kDa protein in GP2-GP6 intergenic region (ORF 4)
YOR5_BPSPP Uncharacterized 10.3 kDa protein in GP2-GP6 intergenic region (ORF 5)
HOL24_BPSPP Holin-like protein 24.1 (Gene product 24.1) (gp24.1)
COMPL_BPSPP Tail completion protein gp17 (Gene product 17) (gp17) (Head-tail joining protein gp17) (Tail-to-head ...
DECO_BPSPP Decoration protein gp12 (Gene product 12) (gp12)
ENLYS_BPSPP Endolysin (EC 3.5.1.-) (LysSPP1) (Putative N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase)
HOL26_BPSPP Putative antiholin
DIT_BPSPP Distal tail protein (Dit) (Gene product 19.1) (Gp19.1)
GP7_BPSPP Minor head protein GP7 (Accessory head protein gp7)
CAPSD_BPSPP Major capsid protein (Gene product 13) (gp13)

17 entries

Lactococcus phage SK1 (Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage SK1) reference strain

TMP_BPLSK Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 14) (gp14)
TERS_BPLSK Terminase small subunit (Gene product 1) (gp1)
HCP1_BPLSK Probable head completion protein 1 (HCP1) (Connector protein gp8) (Putative connector protein gp8)
SSB_BPLSK SSB protein (Gene product 34) (Gp34) (Single-stranded DNA binding protein)
RBP_BPLSK Receptor binding protein (RBP) (Gene product 18) (Gp18)
PORTL_BPLSK Probable portal protein (Gene product 4) (gp4) (Putative portal protein)
TUBE_BPLSK Tail tube protein (TTP) (Gene product 11) (gp11) (Major tail protein) (MTP)
SAV_BPLSK SaV protein (Gene product 26) (Gp26)
TERL_BPLSK Terminase large subunit (Gene product 2) (gp2)
TTTP_BPLSK Probable tail terminator protein (Gene product 10) (gp10)
PRO_BPLSK Probable capsid maturation protease (EC 3.4.-.-) (Gene product 5) (gp5)
DIT_BPLSK Distal tail protein (Dit) (Gene product 15) (Gp15)
HCP2_BPLSK Probable head completion protein 2 (Connector protein gp9) (Gene product 9) (gp9) (Putative stopper ...
ENDON_BPLSK Probable HNH endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-) (Gene product 3) (gp3)
GP12_BPLSK Chaperone protein gp12 (Gene product 12) (gp12) (Probable chaperone protein gp12)
GP16_BPLSK Baseplate protein gp16 (Exolysin) (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Tail lysozyme-like) (Tail-associated ...
CAPSD_BPLSK Capsid protein (Gene product 6) (gp6)

17 entries

Lactococcus phage p2 (Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage p2) reference strain

TERS_BPLP2 Terminase small subunit (Gene product 1) (gp1)
TTTP_BPLP2 Probable tail terminator protein (Gene product 10) (gp10)
TUBE_BPLP2 Tail tube protein (TTP) (Gene product 11) (gp11) (Major tail protein) (MTP)
TMP_BPLP2 Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 14) (gp14)
TERL_BPLP2 Terminase large subunit (Gene product 2) (gp2)
PORTL_BPLP2 Probable portal protein (Gene product 4) (gp4)
RBP_BPLP2 Receptor binding protein (RBP) (Gene product 18) (Gp18)
HCP1_BPLP2 Probable head completion protein 1 (HCP1) (Connector protein gp8)
SAV_BPLP2 SaV protein (Gene product 26) (Gp26)
SSB_BPLP2 SSB protein (Gene product 34) (Gp34) (Single-stranded DNA binding protein)
HCP2_BPLP2 Probable head completion protein 2 (Connector protein gp9) (Gene product 9) (gp9) (Stopper protein ...
PRO_BPLP2 Probable capsid maturation protease (EC 3.4.-.-) (Gene product 5) (gp5)
CAPSD_BPLP2 Capsid protein (Gene product 6) (gp6)
GP12_BPLP2 Chaperone protein gp12 (Gene product 12) (gp12)
ENDON_BPLP2 Probable HNH endonuclease (EC 3.1.-.-) (Gene product 3) (gp3)
GP16_BPLP2 Baseplate protein gp16 (Gene product 16) (Gp16) (Tail-associated lysine-like protein)
DIT_BPLP2 Distal tail protein (Dit) (Gene product 15) (Gp15)

1 entry

Bacillus phage phi105 (Bacteriophage phi-105) reference strain

VLYS_BPPH1 Probable holin (Lysis protein)

15 entries

Escherichia phage N15 (Bacteriophage N15) reference strain

PORTL_BPN15 Portal protein [Cleaved into: Protein B*]
FII_BPN15 Head-tail joining protein (Gene product 10) (gp10)
TTTP_BPN15 Tail tube terminator protein (TrP) (Gene product 12) (gp12) (Tail-to-head joining protein) (THJP)
TMP_BPN15 Tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 16) (gp16)
TIPI_BPN15 Tail tip assembly protein I (Gene product 20) (gp20)
TIPL_BPN15 Tail tip protein L (Gene product 18) (gp18)
GT_BPN15 Tail assembly protein GT (Gene product 15) (gp15) (Gene product GT) (gpGT) (Minor tail protein GT)
TIPK_BPN15 Tail tip assembly protein K (Gene product 19) (gp19) (Probable endopeptidase) (EC 3.4.-.-) (Tail ...
TIPM_BPN15 Tail tip protein M (Gene product 17) (gp17)
VG55_BPN15 Protein gp55
G_BPN15 Tail assembly protein G (Gene product 14) (gp14) (Gene product G) (gpG) (Minor tail protein G) (Tail ...
DECO7_BPN15 Putative decoration protein (Gene product 7) (gp7)
COMPL_BPN15 Tail completion protein (Gene product 11) (gp11) (Tail connector protein) (Tail terminator protein)
CAPSD_BPN15 Major capsid protein (Gene product 8) (Major head protein)
ENLYS_BPN15 SAR-endolysin (EC (Endolysin) (Gene product 54) (gp54) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) ...

3 entries

Clostridium botulinum C phage (Clostridium botulinum C bacteriophage) reference strain

TUBR_CBCP DNA-binding protein TubR (Centromere-binding protein) (CBP)
TUBY_CBCP Regulator protein TubY
TUBZ_CBCP Tubulin-like protein TubZ (EC 3.6.5.-) (Tubulin/FtsZ-like protein TubZ)

5 entries

Escherichia phage T1 (Bacteriophage T1) reference strain

SPANU_BPT1 U-spanin (Gene product 11) (Unimolecular spanin) (gp11)
TMP_BPT1 Tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 38) (gp38)
PORTL_BPT1 Portal protein (Gene product 26) (Gp26) (Head-to-tail connector)
HOLIN_BPT1 Holin (Pinholin)
ENLYS_BPT1 SAR-endolysin (EC (Endolysin) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

5 entries

Lactococcus phage LL-H (Lactococcus delbrueckii bacteriophage LL-H) reference strain

COAT_BPLLH Major capsid protein (ORF3 protein) (Protein Gp34)
SCAF_BPLLH Capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Head morphogenesis protein) (Minor structural protein Gp20) ...
YG35_BPLLH Uncharacterized protein ORF5 (ORF118)
YG34_BPLLH Uncharacterized protein ORF4
VSP1_BPLLH Structural protein (ORF1 protein) (ORF371)

5 entries

Streptomyces phage phiC31 (Bacteriophage phi-C31) reference strain

PORTL_BPPHC Probable portal protein
TMP_BPPHC Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 43) (gp43)
RDF_BPPHC Recombination directionality factor (RDF) (Gene product 3) (gp3)
THYX_BPPHC Probable flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate ...
RPC_BPPHC Repressor protein C

5 entries

Thermus virus P23-45 (Thermus thermophilus phage P23-45) reference strain

TERS_BP234 Terminase, small subunit (DNA-packaging protein gp84) (Gene product 84) (gp84)
PORTL_BP234 Portal protein (Gene product 86) (gp86)
TERL_BP234 Terminase, large subunit (EC 3.1.22.-) (DNA-packaging protein gp85) (Gene product 85) (gp85)
DECO_BP234 Decoration protein (Auxilliary protein) (Gene product 88) (gp88)
CAPSD_BP234 Major capsid protein (Gene product 89) (gp89) (Major head protein)

2 entries

Enterobacteria phage HK97 (Bacteriophage HK97) reference strain

RUSA_BPHK7 Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease rusA (EC (Gp67) (Holliday junction nuclease rusA) ...
CAPSD_BPHK7 Major capsid protein (Gene product 5) (gp5) (Major head protein) [Cleaved into: Scaffolding domain ...

4 entries

Lactococcus phage c2 reference strain

TMP_BPLC2 Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Gene product 110) (gp110)
CAPSD_BPLC2 Major capsid protein (Gene product 15) (gp15) (Major head protein)
GP19_BPLC2 Gene product 19 (gp19) (AbiQ resistance protein) (E19)
ENLYS_BPLC2 Endolysin (EC (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

4 entries

Pseudomonas phage PAJU2 reference strain

TMP_BPPAJ Tape measure protein (TMP) (ORF10 protein) (Structural protein 1)
STRU3_BPPAJ Structural protein 3 (ORF15 protein)
STRU2_BPPAJ Structural protein 2 (ORF23 protein)
CAPSD_BPPAJ Capsid polyprotein (ORF3 protein) (EC 3.4.-.-) [Cleaved into: Capsid protein]

3 entries

Lactococcus phage r1t (Bacteriophage r1t) reference strain

ALYS_BPR1T N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase (EC
RUSA_BPR1T Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease rusA (EC (Holliday junction nuclease rusA) ...

3 entries

Listeria phage A118 (Bacteriophage A118) reference strain

HOLIN_BPA18 Putative antiholin
VG66_BPA18 Protein Gp66
AEPE_BPA18 L-alanyl-D-glutamate peptidase (EC 3.4.24.-)

1 entry

Pneumococcus phage Dp-1 (Bacteriophage Dp-1) reference strain

TMP_BPDP1 Tape measure protein (TMP)

3 entries

Thermus phage G20c (Thermus thermophilus phage G20c) reference strain

TERS_BPG20 Terminase, small subunit (DNA-packaging protein gp79) (Gene product 79) (gp79)
TERL_BPG20 Terminase, large subunit (EC 3.1.22.-) (DNA-packaging protein gp80) (Gene product 80) (gp80)
PORTL_BPG20 Portal protein (Gene product 81) (gp81)

2 entries

Pseudomonas phage D3 (Bacteriophage D3) reference strain

RCRO_BPD3 Regulatory protein cro (Antirepressor)
RPC1_BPD3 Repressor protein CI

2 entries

Pseudomonas phage D3112 (Bacteriophage D3112) reference strain

ACR30_BPD31 Anti-CRISPR protein 30 (Gene product 30) (gp30)
ACR31_BPD31 Anti-CRISPR protein 31 (ACR3112-31) (Gene product 31) (gp31)

2 entries

Staphylococcus phage phiMR11 reference strain

TAIL_BPMR1 Putative tail protein (Putative uncharacterized protein orf50)
CAPSD_BPMR1 Major capsid protein (Gene product 44) (gp44) (Major head protein)

2 entries

Staphylococcus phage phiMR25 reference strain

TAIL_BPMR2 Putative tail protein (Putative major tail protein)
CAPSD_BPMR2 Putative major capsid protein (Putative major head protein)

1 entry

Lactococcus phage P008 reference strain

GP38_BPLP0 Gene product 38 (gp38) (AbiQ resistance protein) (ORF38)

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage Bxz2 (Mycobacteriophage Bxz2) reference strain

VG50_BPMB2 Putative adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (EC (Gp50)

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage Corndog (Mycobacteriophage Corndog) reference strain

KU_BPMCO Protein Ku (Cd-Ku) (Gp87)

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage Omega (Mycobacteriophage Omega) reference strain

KU_BPMOM Protein Ku (Gp206) (Omega-Ku)

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage TM4 (Mycobacteriophage TM4) reference strain

WHIB_BPMT4 Probable transcriptional regulator WhiBTM4

1 entry

Rhizobium phage 16-3 (Bacteriophage 16-3) reference strain

RPC_BP163 Repressor protein C

1 entry

Staphylococcus phage phi13 (Bacteriophage phi-13) reference strain

SAK_BPPHD Staphylokinase

1 entry

Streptococcus phage O1205 (Streptococcus bacteriophage phi-O1205) reference strain

ARPU_BPO12 Putative autolysin regulatory protein ArpU

1 entry

Mycobacterium phage D29 (Mycobacteriophage D29)

GP34_BPMD2 Gene product 34 (Gp34)

1 entry

Escherichia phage lambda (Bacteriophage lambda)

BOR_LAMBD Lipoprotein bor

1 entry

Bacillus phage SPbeta (Bacillus phage SPBc2) (Bacteriophage SP-beta)

IMMU_BPSPB Immunity protein

18 entries

Enterobacteria phage P21 (Bacteriophage 21) (Bacteriophage P21)

VXIS_BPP21 Excisionase
VINT_BPP21 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VG05_BPP21 Head-tail preconnector protein GP5 (EC 3.4.21.-) (Putative peptidase GP5) [Cleaved into: Scaffold ...
W_BPP21 Head completion protein gp3 (Gene product 3) (gp3) (Head-stabilizing protein) (Head-tail joining ...
NINE_BPP21 Protein ninE
SPAN1_BPP21 Spanin, inner membrane subunit (i-spanin) (Lysis protein Rz)
NINB_BPP21 Protein ninB
SPAN2_BPP21 Spanin, outer lipoprotein subunit (o-spanin) (Lysis protein Rz1) (Outer membrane lipoprotein Rz1)
TERL_BPP21 Terminase, large subunit (DNA-packaging protein gp2) (Gene product 2) (gp2) (Large terminase ...
HOLIN_BPP21 Antiholin
PORTL_BPP21 Portal protein B (GpB) (Minor capsid protein B)
YG78_BPP21 Uncharacterized 13.5 kDa protein in GP7-GP8 intergenic region
TERS_BPP21 Terminase, small subunit (Gp1)
CAPSD_BPP21 Major capsid protein (Gene product 7) (Gene product E) (gpE) (Major head protein)
NING_BPP21 Protein ninG
NINF_BPP21 Protein ninF
DECO_BPP21 Head decoration protein (Head protein GPshp)
ENLYS_BPP21 SAR-endolysin (EC (Endolysin) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

14 entries

Bacillus phage phi105 (Bacteriophage phi-105)

YIMD_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 13
YIM2_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 2
YIM3_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 3
YIME_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 14
YIM9_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 9
YIMA_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 10
YIM6_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 6
YIM8_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 8
YIM4_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 4
YIM5_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 5
YIMC_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 12
RPC_BPPH1 Immunity repressor protein
YIMB_BPPH1 Uncharacterized immunity region protein 11
IMMF_BPPH1 ImmF control region 10 kDa protein

11 entries

Enterobacteria phage phi80 (Bacteriophage phi-80)

VG30_BPPH8 Gene 30 protein
REGN_BPPH8 Probable regulatory protein N
VG15_BPPH8 Replication protein 15
RPC2_BPPH8 Regulatory protein CII
RPC1_BPPH8 Repressor protein CI
VXIS_BPPH8 Excisionase
VG14_BPPH8 Replication protein 14
VG40_BPPH8 Protein 40A
VINT_BPPH8 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
CAPSD_BPPH8 Major capsid protein (Gene product 5) (Gene product E) (Major head protein)
COR_BPPH8 Adsorption-inhibiting cor protein

6 entries

Clostridium botulinum C phage (Clostridium botulinum C bacteriophage)

BXCN_CBCP Non-toxic nonhemagglutinin type C (NTNHA) (ANTP139) (Botulinum neurotoxin type C non-toxic ...
HA33C_CBCP Main hemagglutinin component type C (ANTP33) (HA 33 kDa subunit) (HA1)
HA17C_CBCP Hemagglutinin component HA-17 type C (ANTP17) (HA 17 kDa subunit) (HA2)
HA70C_CBCP Hemagglutinin components HA-70 type C (HA3) (Hemagglutinin components HA-22/23/53 type C) ...
ARC3_CBCP Mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase C3 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Exoenzyme C3)
BXC_CBCP Botulinum neurotoxin type C (BoNT/C) (Bontoxilysin-C1) (BoNT/C1) (Botulinum neurotoxin type C1) ...

9 entries

Escherichia phage HK022 (Bacteriophage HK022)

VINT_BPHK0 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
YO48_BPHK0 Uncharacterized 5.8 kDa protein (ORF48)
VXIS_BPHK0 Excisionase
RCRO_BPHK0 8.4 kDa cro protein
RPC1_BPHK0 26 kDa repressor protein (Regulatory protein CI)
REGQ_BPHK0 Antitermination protein
RPC3_BPHK0 Regulatory protein CIII
VKIL_BPHK0 Protein kil
VNUN_BPHK0 Transcription termination factor nun

8 entries

Enterobacteria phage H19B (Bacteriophage H19B)

NINH_BPH19 Protein ninH
NINE_BPH19 Protein ninE
STXB_BPH19 Shiga-like toxin 1 subunit B (SLT-1 B subunit) (SLT-1b) (SLT-Ib) (Verocytotoxin 1 subunit B) ...
REGQ_BPH19 Antitermination protein Q
STXA_BPH19 Shiga-like toxin 1 subunit A (SLT-1 A subunit) (SLT-1a) (SLT-Ia) (EC (Verocytotoxin 1 ...
NINF_BPH19 Protein ninF
NING_BPH19 Protein ninG
ENLYS_BPH19 SAR-endolysin (EC (Endolysin) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

7 entries

Enterobacteria phage 82 (Bacteriophage 82)

YBCN_BP82 Uncharacterized protein in rusA 5'region (ORF151)
YLCG_BP82 Uncharacterized protein in rusA 3'region (ORF45)
REGQ_BP82 Antitermination protein Q
YBCO_BP82 Putative nuclease ybcO (EC 3.1.-.-)
RUSA_BP82 Crossover junction endodeoxyribonuclease rusA (EC (Holliday junction nuclease rusA) ...
YLCH_BP82 Uncharacterized 3.7 kDa protein in rusA 5'region (ORF33)
NINE_BP82 Protein ninE

6 entries

Clostridium botulinum D phage (Clostridium botulinum D bacteriophage)

HA17D_CBDP Hemagglutinin component HA-17 type D (ANTP17) (HA 17 kDa subunit) (HA2)
HA70D_CBDP Hemagglutinin component HA-70 type D (HA3)
BXD_CBDP Botulinum neurotoxin type D (BoNT/D) (Bontoxilysin-D) [Cleaved into: Botulinum neurotoxin D light ...
BXDN_CBDP Non-toxic nonhemagglutinin type D (NTNHA) (Botulinum neurotoxin type D non-toxic component)
HA33D_CBDP Main hemagglutinin component type D (HA 33 kDa subunit) (HA1)
ARC3_CBDP Mono-ADP-ribosyltransferase C3 (EC 2.4.2.-) (Exoenzyme C3)

5 entries

Enterobacteria phage 434 (Bacteriophage 434)

VINT_BP434 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VXIS_BP434 Excisionase
REXA_BP434 Protein rexA
RCRO_BP434 Regulatory protein cro (Antirepressor)
RPC2_BP434 Regulatory protein CII

4 entries

Bacillus phage phi3T (Bacteriophage phi-3T)

TYSY_BPPHT Thymidylate synthase (TS) (TSase) (EC
MTBP_BPPHT Modification methylase Phi3TI (M.Phi3TI) (EC (Cytosine-specific methyltransferase Phi3TI)
AIMP_BPPHT Protein AimP [Cleaved into: Arbitrium peptide]
AIMR_BPPHT AimR transcriptional regulator (Arbitrium communication peptide receptor)

2 entries

Enterobacteria phage HK97 (Bacteriophage HK97)

PORTL_BPHK7 Portal protein (GP3)
PRO_BPHK7 Prohead protease (GP4)

2 entries

Pneumococcus phage Dp-1 (Bacteriophage Dp-1)

ALYS_BPDP1 Lysin (EC (Cell wall hydrolase) (Lytic amidase) (N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase)

2 entries

Bacillus phage SF6 (Bacteriophage SF6)

TERS_BPSF6 Terminase small subunit (G1P) (Terminase, small subunit)
LY_BPSF6 Putative lysozyme (EC

2 entries

Corynephage beta

DTX_CORBE Diphtheria toxin (DT) (NAD(+)--diphthamide ADP-ribosyltransferase) (EC [Cleaved into: ...
DTXH_CORBE Diphtheria toxin homolog CRM228 [Cleaved into: Diphtheria toxin homolog CRM228 fragment A; ...

2 entries

Enterobacteria phage PA-2 (Bacteriophage PA-2)

PORI_BPPA2 Outer membrane porin protein LC
ENLYS_BPPA2 SAR-endolysin (EC (Endolysin) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

2 entries

Enterobacteria phage phi21 (Bacteriophage phi-21)

RAL_BPPH3 Restriction inhibitor protein ral (Antirestriction protein)
REGN_BPPH3 Probable regulatory protein N

2 entries

Escherichia phage Bf23 (Enterobacteria phage BF23)

Y9KD_BPBF2 Uncharacterized 9.2 kDa protein
A2_BPBF2 Protein A2-A3

2 entries

Listeria phage A500 (Bacteriophage A500)

AEPE_BPA50 L-alanyl-D-glutamate peptidase (EC 3.4.24.-)
HOLIN_BPA50 Antiholin

2 entries

Shigella phage SfX (Shigella flexneri bacteriophage X) (Bacteriophage SfX)

GTRB_BPSFX Bactoprenol glucosyl transferase (EC 2.4.1.-)
GTRA_BPSFX Bactoprenol-linked glucose translocase

2 entries

Staphylococcus phage L54a (Bacteriophage L54a)

VXIS_BPL54 Excisionase
VINT_BPL54 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)

2 entries

Staphylococcus phage phi11 (Bacteriophage phi-11)

RINB_BPPHA Transcriptional activator rinB
RINA_BPPHA Transcriptional activator rinA

1 entry

Bacillus phage SP02 (Bacteriophage SP02)

DPOL_BPSP2 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)

1 entry

Bacillus phage SPR (Bacteriophage SPR)

MTBS_BPSPR Modification methylase SPRI (M.SPRI) (EC (Cytosine-specific methyltransferase SPRI)

1 entry

Bacillus phage rho11s (Bacteriophage rho-11s)

MTBR_BPRH1 Modification methylase Rho11sI (M.Rho11sI) (EC (Bsu P11s) (Cytosine-specific ...

1 entry

Bacillus phage rho15 (Bacteriophage rho-15)

TERS_BPRH5 Terminase small subunit (G1P)

1 entry

Corynephage omega

DTX_COROM Diphtheria toxin (DT) (NAD(+)--diphthamide ADP-ribosyltransferase) (EC [Cleaved into: ...

1 entry

Lactococcus phage F4-1 (Lactococcus lactis bacteriophage F4-1)

TUBE_BPF41 Tail tube protein (TTP) (Major tail protein) (MTP)

1 entry

Lactococcus phage phivML3 (Lactococcus bacteriophage phi-vML3)

ENLYS_BPPHV Endolysin (EC (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme) (Muramidase)

1 entry

Staphylococcus phage 42D (Bacteriophage P42D)

SAK_BPP42 Staphylokinase (Sak42D)

1 entry

Streptococcus pneumoniae phage HB-3

ALYS_BPHB3 Lytic amidase (EC (N-acetylmuramoyl-L-alanine amidase)

1 entry

Streptococcus pyogenes phage T12 (Bacteriophage T12)

SPEA_BPT12 Exotoxin type A (Erythrogenic toxin) (SPE A) (Scarlet fever toxin)