Fromanvirus (taxid:186764)


Non-enveloped, head-tail structure. The capsid is icosahedral, about 60nm in diameter. The capsid proteins are covalently linked. Tail is flexible, about 135 nm in length and 8 nm in width, with a terminal knob and a single short fiber.


Linear, dsDNA genome of about 52 kb, containing about 88 genes. The genome has cohesive ends (cos sites).




  1. Adsorption: The phage attaches to target cell adhesion receptors through its tail fibers.
  2. Ejection of the viral DNA into host cell cytoplasm by long flexible tail ejection system.
  3. Transcription and translation of early genes.
  4. Shutoff of host gene expression, possibly by gp77, gp78 and gp79.
  5. Replication of genomic DNA by rolling circle.
  6. Transcription and translation of late genes
  7. Assembly of an empty procapsid and packaging of the genome.
  8. Viral tail fiber assembly and viral tail assembly.
  9. Mature virions are released from the cell by lysis.

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Mycobacterium phage L5 (Mycobacteriophage L5) reference strain

VINT_BPML5 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-) (Int-L5) (L5 Int)
DPOL_BPML5 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
THYX_BPML5 Probable flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate ...
VG50_BPML5 Putative adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (EC (Gp50)
PORTL_BPML5 Portal protein (Gene product 14) (gp14) (Portal vertex protein)
SCAF_BPML5 Probable capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 22) (gp22) (Head morphogenesis protein) ...
CAPSD_BPML5 Probable major capsid protein gp17 (Gene product 17) (gp17) (Major head protein gp17)
VG23_BPML5 Major tail protein Gp23 (Major coat protein)
VG24_BPML5 Tail assembly protein Gp24 (Gene product 24) (Gp24) (Minor tail protein Gp24)
TAP25_BPML5 Tail assembly protein Gp25 (Gene 25 protein) (Gp25)
VXIS_BPML5 Excisionase (Gene product 36) (Gp36)
VG04_BPML5 Gene 4 protein (Gp4)
ENLYS_BPML5 Endolysin A (EC 3.-.-.-) (Gene 10 protein) (Gp10) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme)
VG71_BPML5 Repressor-like immunity protein (Gp71)
HOLIN_BPML5 Holin (Gene product 11) (gp11)
LYSB_BPML5 Endolysin B (Gene 12 protein) (Gp12) (Mycolylarabinogalactan esterase) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VG01_BPML5 Gene 1 protein (Gp1)
VG13_BPML5 Gene 13 protein (Gp13)
VG15_BPML5 Gene 15 protein (Gp15)
VG18_BPML5 Gene 18 protein (Gp18)
VG19_BPML5 Gene 19 protein (Gp19)
VG20_BPML5 Gene 20 protein (Gp20)
VG21_BPML5 Gene 21 protein (Gp21)
VG22_BPML5 Gene 22 protein (Gp22)
VG02_BPML5 Gene 2 protein (Gp2)
VG26_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp26
VG27_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp27
VG28_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp28
VG29_BPML5 Gene 29 protein (Gp29)
VG30_BPML5 Gene 30 protein (Gp30)
VG31_BPML5 Gene 31 protein (Gp31)
VG32_BPML5 Gene 32 protein (Gp32)
VG03_BPML5 Gene 3 protein (Gp3)
VG35_BPML5 Gene 35 protein (Gp35)
VG37_BPML5 Gene 37 protein (Gp37)
VG38_BPML5 Gene 38 protein (Gp38)
VG39_BPML5 Gene 39 protein (Gp39)
VG40_BPML5 Gene 40 protein (Gp40)
VG41_BPML5 Gene 41 protein (Gp41)
VG42_BPML5 Gene 42 protein (Gp42)
VG43_BPML5 Gene 43 protein (Gp43)
VG45_BPML5 Gene 45 protein (Gp45)
VG46_BPML5 Gene 46 protein (Gp46)
VG47_BPML5 Gene 47 protein (Gp47)
VG49_BPML5 Gene 49 protein (Gp49)
VG51_BPML5 Gene 51 protein (Gp51)
VG54_BPML5 Gene 54 protein (Gp54)
VG55_BPML5 Gene 55 protein (Gp55)
VG56_BPML5 Gene 56 protein (Gp56)
VG05_BPML5 Gene 5 protein (Gp5)
VG52_BPML5 Gene 52 protein (Gp52)
VG53_BPML5 Gene 53 protein (Gp53)
VG57_BPML5 Gene 57 protein (Gp57)
VG58_BPML5 Gene 58 protein (Gp58)
VG59_BPML5 Gene 59 protein (Gp59)
VG60_BPML5 Gene 60 protein (Gp60)
VG61_BPML5 Gene 61 protein (Gp61)
VG62_BPML5 Gene 62 protein (Gp62)
VG63_BPML5 Gene 63 protein (Gp63)
VG64_BPML5 Gene 64 protein (Gp64)
VG06_BPML5 Minor tail protein Gp6
VG65_BPML5 Gene 65 protein (Gp65)
VG66_BPML5 Gene 66 protein (Gp66)
VG67_BPML5 Gene 67 protein (Gp67)
VG68_BPML5 Gene 68 protein (Gp68)
VG69_BPML5 Gene 69 protein (Gp69)
VG70_BPML5 Gene 70 protein (Gp70)
VG72_BPML5 Gene 72 protein (Gp72)
VG73_BPML5 Gene 73 protein (Gp73)
VG74_BPML5 Gene 74 protein (Gp74)
VG75_BPML5 Gene 75 protein (Gp75)
VG76_BPML5 Gene 76 protein (Gp76)
VG77_BPML5 Gene 77 protein (Gp77)
VG78_BPML5 Gene 78 protein (Gp78)
VG79_BPML5 Gene 79 protein (Gp79)
VG80_BPML5 Gene 80 protein (Gp80)
VG81_BPML5 Gene 81 protein (Gp81)
VG82_BPML5 Gene 82 protein (Gp82)
VG83_BPML5 Gene 83 protein (Gp83)
VG84_BPML5 Gene 84 protein (Gp84)
VG85_BPML5 Gene 85 protein (Gp85)
VG86_BPML5 Gene 86 protein (Gp86)
VG87_BPML5 Gene 87 protein (Gp87)
VG88_BPML5 Gene 88 protein (Gp88)

68 entries

Mycobacterium phage D29 (Mycobacteriophage D29) reference strain

DCTD_BPMD2 Deoxycytidylate deaminase (EC (dCMP deaminase)
ENLYS_BPMD2 Endolysin A (EC 3.-.-.-) (Gene 10 protein) (Gp10) (Lysis protein) (Lysozyme)
HOLIN_BPMD2 Holin (Gene product 11) (gp11)
LYSB_BPMD2 Endolysin B (Gene 12 protein) (Gp12) (Mycolylarabinogalactan esterase) (EC 3.1.-.-)
DPOL_BPMD2 DNA polymerase (EC (EC 3.1.11.-)
THYX_BPMD2 Probable flavin-dependent thymidylate synthase (FDTS) (EC (FAD-dependent thymidylate ...
VINT_BPMD2 Integrase (EC 2.7.7.-) (EC 3.1.-.-)
VXIS_BPMD2 Excisionase (Gp36)
VG04_BPMD2 Gene 4 protein (Gp4)
PORTL_BPMD2 Portal protein (Gene product 14) (gp14) (Portal vertex protein)
SCAF_BPMD2 Probable capsid assembly scaffolding protein (Gene product 16) (gp16) (Head morphogenesis protein) ...
VG24_BPMD2 Tail assembly protein Gp24 (Gene product 24) (Gp24) (Minor tail protein Gp24)
TAP25_BPMD2 Tail assembly protein Gp25 (Gene 25 protein) (Gp25)
VG50_BPMD2 Putative adenosylcobalamin-dependent ribonucleoside-triphosphate reductase (EC (Gp50)
VG58_BPMD2 Gene 58 protein (Gp58)
PRXH_BPMD2 Putative non-heme haloperoxidase (EC 1.11.1.-)
VG65_BPMD2 Gene 65 protein (Gp65)
VG66_BPMD2 Gene 66 protein (Gp66)
VG01_BPMD2 Gene 1 protein (Gp1)
VG02_BPMD2 Gene 2 protein (Gp2)
VG03_BPMD2 Gene 3 protein (Gp3)
VG05_BPMD2 Gene 5 protein (Gp5)
VG06_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp6
VG13_BPMD2 Gene 13 protein (Gp13)
VG15_BPMD2 Gene 15 protein (Gp15)
CAPSD_BPMD2 Probable major capsid protein gp17 (Gene product 17) (gp17) (Major head protein gp17)
VG18_BPMD2 Gene 18 protein (Gp18)
VG19_BPMD2 Gene 19 protein (Gp19)
VG20_BPMD2 Gene 20 protein (Gp20)
VG21_BPMD2 Gene 21 protein (Gp21)
VG22_BPMD2 Gene 22 protein (Gp22)
VG26_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp26
VG27_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp27
VG28_BPMD2 Minor tail protein Gp28
VG29_BPMD2 Gene 29 protein (Gp29)
VG30_BPMD2 Gene 30 protein (Gp30)
VG31_BPMD2 Gene 31 protein (Gp31)
VG32_BPMD2 Gene 32 protein (Gp32)
VG341_BPMD2 Gene 34.1 protein (Gp34.1)
VG38_BPMD2 Gene 38 protein (Gp38)
VG39_BPMD2 Gene 39 protein (Gp39)
VG41_BPMD2 Gene 41 protein (Gp41)
VG42_BPMD2 Gene 42 protein (Gp42)
VG441_BPMD2 Gene 44.1 protein (Gp44.1)
VG46_BPMD2 Gene 46 protein (Gp46)
VG49_BPMD2 Gene 49 protein (Gp49)
VG51_BPMD2 Gene 51 protein (Gp51)
VG52_BPMD2 Gene 52 protein (Gp52)
VG53_BPMD2 Gene 53 protein (Gp53)
VG54_BPMD2 Gene 54 protein (Gp54)
VG55_BPMD2 Gene 55 protein (Gp55)
VG56_BPMD2 Gene 56 protein (Gp56)
VG57_BPMD2 Gene 57 protein (Gp57)
VG59_BPMD2 Gene 59 protein (Gp59)
VG61_BPMD2 Gene 61 protein (Gp61)
VG62_BPMD2 Gene 62 protein (Gp62)
VG63_BPMD2 Gene 63 protein (Gp63)
VG64_BPMD2 Gene 64 protein (Gp64)
VG68_BPMD2 Gene 68 protein (Gp68)
VG69_BPMD2 Gene 69 protein (Gp69)
VG70_BPMD2 Gene 70 protein (Gp70)
VG84_BPMD2 Gene 84 protein (Gp84)
VG86_BPMD2 Gene 86 protein (Gp86)
VG87_BPMD2 Gene 87 protein (Gp87)
VG88_BPMD2 Gene 88 protein (Gp88)
VG89_BPMD2 Gene 89 protein (Gp89)
VG23_BPMD2 Major tail protein Gp23 (Major coat protein)
GP34_BPMD2 Gene product 34 (Gp34)