Degradation of host peptidoglycans during virus entry (kw:KW-1236)

Exolysin are viral lytic enzymes allowing digestion of bacterial cell wall upon virus entry. This activity is necessary for the virus to reach the host plasma membrane and inject its DNA in the host cytoplasm. The degradation is local, the virion drills a hole large enough to have its tail or capsid pass the wall.

Depending on the enzymatic specificity, exolysins are divided into five main classes.


Virus family Host bacteria phage enzyme ref.
Phage GA-1 Podoviridae Bacillus G1R gp3
Phage SPβ Siphoviridae Bacillus subtilis YomI
Phage SPO1 Myoviridae Bacillus subtilis -
Phage SPP1 Siphoviridae Bacillus subtilis -
Phage M2 Podoviridae Bacillus subtilis gp3
Phage φ29 Podoviridae Bacillus subtilis gp3
Phage PRD1 Tectiviridae Escherichia coli p7
Phage T3 Podoviridae Escherichia coli gp16
Phage K1-5 Podoviridae Escherichia coli orf35
Phage N4 Podoviridae Escherichia coli -
Phage T4 Podoviridae Escherichia coli gp5
Phage T5 Siphoviridae Escherichia coli Pb2
Phage C1 Podoviridae Escherichia coli -
Phage φ949 Unclassified Lactococcus lactis -
Phage φ31 Siphoviridae Lactococcus lactis -
Phage φc2 Myoviridae Lactococcus lactis -
Phage φr1t Unclassified Lactococcus lactis -
Phage φ6 Cystoviridae Pseudomonas syringae P5
Phage φ13 Cystoviridae Pseudomonas syringae -
Phage SP6 Podoviridae Salmonella typhimurium orf35
Phage φP22 Podoviridae Salmonella typhimurium gp4
Phage φYeO3-12 Podoviridae Yersinia enterocolitica gp16
Phage φKMV Podoviridae Pseudomonas aeruginosa gp36
Phage φKZ Myoviridae Pseudomonas aeruginosa gp181
Phage T7 Podoviridae Escherichia coli gp16

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18 entries grouped by protein

9 entries

Peptidoglycan hydrolase P7 (Protein VII)

Acyrthosiphon pisum secondary endosymbiont phage 1 (Bacteriophage APSE-1) reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp27 (Gene product 27) (Gp27) (Internal virion protein gp27)

Pseudomonas phage phiKZ reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp181 (Gene product 181) (Gp181)

Pseudomonas phage phiKMV reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp36 (EC (Gene product 36) (Gp36)

Salmonella phage P22 (Bacteriophage P22) reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp4 (Gene product 4) (Gp4) (Internal virion protein gp4) (Tail adapter protein gp4)

Pseudomonas phage phi6 (Bacteriophage phi-6) reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp5 (Gene product 5) (Gp5)

Pseudoalteromonas phage PM2 (Bacteriophage PM2) reference strain
Enterobacteria phage PRD1 (Bacteriophage PRD1) reference strain

Transglycosylase (EC 4.2.2.n1) (Protein P7)

Enterobacteria phage SP6 (Bacteriophage SP6) reference strain

Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp36 (Gene product 36) (Gp36)

Escherichia phage T7 (Bacteriophage T7) reference strain

Peptidoglycan transglycosylase gp16 (EC 4.2.2.n1) (Internal core protein gp16)

2 entries

Morphogenesis protein 1 (Gene product 13) (gp13) (Protein p13)

Bacillus phage phi29 (Bacteriophage phi-29) reference strain
Bacillus phage PZA (Bacteriophage PZA)

1 entry

Pre-baseplate central spike protein Gp5 (Pre-Gp5) (Peptidoglycan hydrolase gp5) (EC

Enterobacteria phage T4 (Bacteriophage T4) reference strain

4 entries

DNA terminal protein (Gene product 3) (gp3) (Protein p3)

Bacillus phage B103 (Bacteriophage B103) reference strain
Bacillus phage phi29 (Bacteriophage phi-29) reference strain

Primer terminal protein (TP) (DNA terminal protein) (Gene product 3) (gp3) (Protein p3) (Terminal protein)

Bacillus phage Nf (Bacteriophage Nf)
Bacillus phage PZA (Bacteriophage PZA)

2 entries

Probable tape measure protein (TMP) (Transglycosylase) (EC 4.2.2.n1)

Bacillus phage SPbeta (Bacillus phage SPBc2) (Bacteriophage SP-beta) reference strain
Escherichia phage T5 (Enterobacteria phage T5) reference strain

Tape measure protein pb2 precursor (TMP-pb2) (Pore-forming protein pb2) (Tail protein pb2)