Henipavirus (taxid:260964)

Henipavirus is a genus of ssRNA- viruses in the PAramyxoviridae family that infect bats and occasionally other mammals. In humans, these viruses can cause encephalitis or respiratory disease.



Enveloped, spherical. Diameter from about 150nm.



Negative-stranded RNA linear genome, about 18 kb in size. Encodes for nine proteins.


The viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase binds the encapsidated genome at the leader region, then sequentially transcribes each genes by recognizing start and stop signals flanking viral genes. mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated by the L protein during synthesis. The V protein is produced through RNA editing and the C protein is produced by Leaky scanning of The P mRNA.




  1. Virus attaches to host cell surface receptors through G glycoprotein.
  2. Fusion with the plasma membrane; ribonucleocapsid is released in the cytoplasm.
  3. Sequential transcription, viral mRNAs are capped and polyadenylated in the cytoplasm.
  4. Replication presumably starts when enough nucleoprotein is present to encapsidate neo-synthetized antigenomes and genomes.
  5. the ribonucleocapsid interacts with the matrix protein under the plasma membrane and buds via the ESCRT complex, releasing the virion.

Host-virus interaction

Inhibition of host Interferon induction

The V protein plays a role in inhibition of MDA-5 antiviral signaling

The P,V and W proteins play a role in inhibition of STAT1 antiviral signaling

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Hendra virus (isolate Horse/Autralia/Hendra/1994) reference strain

FUS_HENDH Fusion glycoprotein F0 (Protein F) [Cleaved into: Fusion glycoprotein F2; Fusion glycoprotein F1]
L_HENDH RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) (Replicase) (Transcriptase) ...
V_HENDH Non-structural protein V
PHOSP_HENDH Phosphoprotein (Protein P)
NCAP_HENDH Nucleoprotein (Protein N) (Nucleocapsid protein)
MATRX_HENDH Matrix protein (Protein M)
GLYCP_HENDH Glycoprotein G
C_HENDH Protein C
W_HENDH Protein W

9 entries

Nipah virus

L_NIPAV RNA-directed RNA polymerase L (Protein L) (Large structural protein) (Replicase) (Transcriptase) ...
V_NIPAV Non-structural protein V
GLYCP_NIPAV Glycoprotein G
FUS_NIPAV Fusion glycoprotein F0 (Protein F) [Cleaved into: Fusion glycoprotein F2; Fusion glycoprotein F1]
MATRX_NIPAV Matrix protein (Protein M)
PHOSP_NIPAV Phosphoprotein (Protein P)
NCAP_NIPAV Nucleoprotein (Protein N) (Nucleocapsid protein)
W_NIPAV Protein W
C_NIPAV Protein C
These structures were created with the help of Colabfold by Jason Nomburg, Nathan Price and Jennifer Doudna (ModelArchive).

Cedar virus taxid:1221391

Protein ModelArchive
Attachment glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-13179
Fusion glycoprotein F0 ma-jd-viral-42992
Matrix protein ma-jd-viral-03351
Nonstructural protein C ma-jd-viral-01378
Nucleocapsid (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15294
Phosphoprotein ma-jd-viral-43525

Ghana virus taxid:2847089

Protein ModelArchive
C protein ma-jd-viral-01389
Fusion glycoprotein F0 ma-jd-viral-43017
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-13177
Matrix protein ma-jd-viral-03309
Nucleocapsid (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15305
Phosphoprotein ma-jd-viral-30315

Hendra virus (isolate Horse/Autralia/Hendra/1994) taxid:928303

Protein ModelArchive
Fusion glycoprotein F0 (Protein F) ma-jd-viral-43007
Glycoprotein G ma-jd-viral-13178
Matrix protein (Protein M) ma-jd-viral-03334
Non-structural protein V ma-jd-viral-60049
Nucleoprotein (Protein N) (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15254
Phosphoprotein (Protein P) ma-jd-viral-30316
Protein C ma-jd-viral-01390

Henipavirus hendraense taxid:3052223

Protein ModelArchive
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-13178
Nonstructural protein C ma-jd-viral-01390
Nonstructural protein V ma-jd-viral-60049
Nucleocapsid (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15254
Phosphoprotein ma-jd-viral-30316

Mojiang virus taxid:1474807

Protein ModelArchive
Attachment glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-13180
C protein ma-jd-viral-01386
Fusion glycoprotein F0 ma-jd-viral-42966
Matrix protein ma-jd-viral-03298
Nucleocapsid (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15272
Phosphoprotein ma-jd-viral-30317
V protein ma-jd-viral-41507
W protein ma-jd-viral-41508

Nipah virus taxid:3052225

Protein ModelArchive
C protein ma-jd-viral-01387
Fusion glycoprotein F0 ma-jd-viral-42985
Fusion glycoprotein F0 (Protein F) ma-jd-viral-42985
Glycoprotein ma-jd-viral-13181
Glycoprotein G ma-jd-viral-13181
Matrix protein ma-jd-viral-03329
Matrix protein (Protein M) ma-jd-viral-03329
Non-structural protein V ma-jd-viral-60047
Nucleocapsid (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15268
Nucleoprotein (Protein N) (Nucleocapsid protein) ma-jd-viral-15268
Phosphoprotein ma-jd-viral-30318
Phosphoprotein (Protein P) ma-jd-viral-30318
Protein C ma-jd-viral-01387
V protein ma-jd-viral-60047
W protein ma-jd-viral-60048